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Gain sought-after skills

Learn the skills and competencies you need to achieve success in a family-sustaining career.

Advance your career

Access job opportunities and pathways to more senior roles with employers who are committed to your ongoing success.

Get hired at great companies

Get matched with employers who hire based on skills and competencies, not just educational background.

Grow with your community

Join a community of Black talent, employers and talent developers united to support you personally and professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's eligible for a job through OneTen?

You are eligible for a career through OneTen if you identify as Black and don’t have a four-year college degree.

There are two primary ways to get hired through OneTen:

  1. Apply for a job with a OneTen member employer, or their supplier or business partner.
  2. Complete an education or training program endorsed by OneTen.

How can I find job opportunities through OneTen?

If you’re interested in gaining skills for a meaningful career with a family-sustaining wage, reach out to us. We’ll be in touch about what’s next.

What is a family-sustaining job?

Family-sustaining jobs meet four standards:

Pay family-sustaining wages. This varies based on the cost of living in each city, but generally means the compensation covers the basic needs for a family. Calculate the family-sustaining wage in your area with the MIT Living Wage calculator.

Accessible. These jobs do not require a four-year college degree for a candidate to perform successfully. An estimated 4 million jobs today can be recredentialed to remove the requirement for a college degree.

Opportunities for advancement. These jobs are eligible for promotion, parallel education and have a pathway to more senior positions within the company.

Attractive. These jobs have a relatively low risk of being automated, informed by an Oxford study and Burning Glass, allowing a longer-term career to develop.

What salary could I expect from a OneTen job?

As of 2021, a family-sustaining wage ranges between $58K – $90K and above depending on a person’s location. That wage is calculated by the MIT Living Wage calculator.

What other support is available throughout my training, hiring process and career?

We know that access and opportunity goes beyond training and getting hired.

OneTen will aim to provide services for a limited time based on need and in order to fill gaps in services offered by employers and talent developers. Examples include mentoring supports, childcare assistance, financial literacy tips, and transportation access.

What are some examples of family-sustaining jobs?

You can find family-sustaining careers in a variety of industries, including information technology, healthcare, business management & operations, customer service, manufacturing and sales.

Some examples include:

– Software Developer
– Systems Administrator
– Registered Nurse
– Laboratory Technologist
– Project Coordinator
– Loan Officer
– Supervisors and Managers
– Call Center Representative
– Financial Advisor
– User Support Specialist
– Engineers and Machinist
– Sales Representative
– Retail Associate

Do I need to be part of an education or training program?

No. If you already have the skills and competencies for an available job, you are not required to participate in a training program.

When will the jobs marketplace launch?

An AI-enabled technology platform for finding jobs and endorsed training programs will launch in the summer of 2021.

How will OneTen reach out to me and people in my community?

We are cultivating relationships with talent developers, community leaders and organizations. We’ll engage more directly with you via social media and other media opportunities.


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