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The future of work is skills-first

We'll work with you to hire, retain and advance Black talent who do not have a four-year degree, and develop inclusive company cultures that contribute to their success.

Access endorsed local talent development programs and amplify your own training programs to meet and sustain the needs of a changing workforce.

Hire Black talent

Increase hiring and promotions of Black talent who have the skills and competencies to succeed on the job.

Improve employee outcomes

Engage and retain Black talent within your company, supporting their professional development and advancement.

Activate best practices

Participate in a Community of Practice, sharing learnings and approaches to DEI challenges alongside fellow leaders.

Support a comprehensive ecosystem

Your financial contributions fund endorsed education and training programs that prepare talent for in-demand jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is skills-first good for business?

Hiring and promoting based on skills has a number of benefits, including:

– It’s 5x more predictive of a person’s future performance than their education
– Faster hiring, improved employee performance and higher retention
– A more competitive and diverse talent pool
– Regain capable talent who are often filtered out by degree requirements

Source: Michigan State University, Hunter, John E. & Ronda F. Hunter, “Validity and Utility of Alternative Predictors of Job Performance”

What is a family-sustaining job?

Family-sustaining jobs meet four standards:

Pay family-sustaining wages. This varies based on the cost of living in each city, but generally means the compensation covers the basic needs for a family. Calculate the family-sustaining wage in your area with the MIT Living Wage calculator.

Accessible. These jobs do not require a four-year college degree for a candidate to perform successfully. An estimated 4 million jobs today can be recredentialed to remove the requirement for a college degree.

Opportunities for advancement. These jobs are eligible for promotion, parallel education and have a pathway to more senior positions within the company.

Attractive. These jobs have a relatively low risk of being automated, informed by an Oxford study and Burning Glass, allowing a longer-term career to develop.

Can my company join OneTen?

Companies of all sizes, in every industry and across geographies are invited to join. While we are launching with large companies, we welcome the small and medium businesses that power the majority of the American economy.

How will my hiring goals be measured?

You can meet your hiring goals with OneTen in three primary ways:

Direct hires. Hire Black talent through OneTen or any other channel.

Promotions. Upskill and promote Black talent within their organization into a family-sustaining job.

Partner hires. Refer suppliers and business partners to hire Black talent.

What is the Community of Practice?

The Community of Practice is a forum for coalition members to work alongside leading executives to shape equitable, inclusive environments where all employees can thrive. It’s a brave space for employers to share progress, challenges and approaches toward their diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging commitments.

Do I need to hire through OneTen?

No, but your participation in the talent ecosystem whenever possible will strengthen its impact.

You can also hire Black talent through other jobs, promote Black employees and influence your company’s partners or suppliers to hire Black talent into family-sustaining jobs.

When will the jobs marketplace launch?

OneTen’s AI-enabled technology platform for matching Black talent, employers and endorsed talent developers will launch in the summer of 2021.

While the technology platform is intended to be robust source of Black talent, you’re encouraged to continue your relationships with existing talent partners. You can work with members to reach Black talent, as needed.

Advance diversity, equity and inclusion — inside and out

Advance diversity, equity and inclusion — inside and out

"We are looking forward to working with OneTen to find ways to alleviate some of the barriers that hinder advancement.”
– Kleber Santos, Head of Diverse Segments, Representation and Inclusion at Wells Fargo

Take bold actions toward equitable opportunity

Take bold actions toward equitable opportunity

"As OneTen members, we are united in our pledge to take action for measurable impact and positive change.”
– Mike Lamach, chairman and CEO of Trane Technologies; chairman of National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

All Americans share an aspiration for economic opportunity

All Americans share an aspiration for economic opportunity

"That’s why we’re founding members of OneTen, working to address issues of systemic inequality and bring meaningful access to the American Dream for millions of Black Americans."
– PepsiCo

Partner Employers

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Partner Talent Developers

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